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Accueil / Assisting with revised assessments

Assisting with revised assessments

After various audits and other verifications (of which the taxpayer is not necessarily notified), the tax authorities may decide to issue a revised assessment.

If so, they must notify the taxpayer by sending a proposed adjustment that sets out the legal and factual grounds for the adjustment and a calculation of any additional assessments, interest on late payments, and other penalties the taxpayer may be charged. The taxpayer is then invited to comment on the proposed adjustment – an endeavour our firm has particularly well-recognised experience in.

We first offer to analyse our clients’ adjustment proposals and assess the chances of obtaining a total or partial reduction in the reassessment. We have generally achieved excellent results in such cases. 

We have often been able to help clear up factual misunderstandings between the tax authorities and our clients when our clients have not managed to adequately explain their situation or have provided documents that are not relevant.

We can also challenge the legal grounds invoked by the tax authorities if they deviate from a strict application of the tax rules to the taxpayer’s prejudice.

We also verify the calculation of any additional assessments.

If we cannot reach agreement with the tax authorities on a client’s tax position, we offer support with respect to all available remedies, including in the tax courts.