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Assisting with requests from the tax authorities

When the tax authorities send a taxpayer a request for information, details or supporting documents, this is not a trivial event. It is often the prelude to an adjustment procedure, which may have been planned already based on information previously collected by other means.

This crucial phase should not be treated lightly. A clumsy or vague response, even if irreproachable, may give a bad impression which will be very difficult to overcome later if a reassessment procedure is initiated. 

A request for information may also be the last opportunity a taxpayer who has not complied with all of their tax obligations has to regularise their situation voluntarily and avoid the penalties inherent in an adjustment procedure. The penalty interest rate may even be reduced!

Bornhauser therefore assists clients once the authorities make a preliminary request, deciphering the issues at stake, assessing the risks, and responding in our clients’ best interests.